Earnings From Sharing


Commissions are based on the daily earnings of people in your unilevel structure. This type of commission is called “matching bonus”. The commissions, just like the earnings are paid out in CTO Tokens on a daily basis.

The exact percentage depends on where they are inside your unilevel structure, as well as your leadership rank (more on this below).

You earn 100% matching bonus on everyone you directly introduce (Level 1). You earn 50% matching bonus on every person that they introduce (Level 2). You earn 5% matching bonus on everyone on Levels 3 – 21.

1st line: 100% of the daily profit of partners!

2nd line: 50% of the daily profit of partners!

Each of your personal partners with a deposit opens up a new level. If you have 7 people in the first line, then 7 levels of the affiliate program are open!

3rd – 21st line: 5% of partners profit.

Unlocking Additional Compensation Levels
When the people you personally introduced (your Level 1 affiliates) introduce new members to Cloud Token, these new members become your Level 2 affiliates. When your Level 2 affiliates introduce new members, they become your Level 3 affiliates etc.

In Cloud Token you can receive daily rewards from as many as 21 Levels of affiliate members, as long as you fulfill certain criteria.

In order to unlock these levels, you must personally introduce the below specified number of people into Cloud Token, each depositing at least $500 in crypto.

When you introduce:
1 Member – you unlock 1 Level of affiliate commissions
2 Members – you unlock 2 Levels of affiliate commissions
3 Members – you unlock 3 Levels of affiliate commissions
4 Members – you unlock 4 Levels of affiliate commissions
5 Members – you unlock 5 Levels of affiliate commissions
6 Members – you unlock 6 Levels of affiliate commissions
7 Members – you unlock 7 Levels of affiliate commissions
8 Members – you unlock 8 Levels of affiliate commissions
9 Members – you unlock 9 Levels of affiliate commissions
10 Members – you unlock 10 Levels of affiliate commissions
11 members – you unlock 11 Levels of affiliate commissions
12 members – you unlock 12 Levels of affiliate commissions
13 members – you unlock 13 Levels of affiliate commissions
14 members – you unlock 14 Levels of affiliate commissions
15 members – you unlock 15 Levels of affiliate commissions
16 members – you unlock All 21 Levels of affiliate commissions
Please remember that the value of members’ deposits must always remain above $500 for that level to be unlocked and for you to continue receiving daily rewards.

Example: If you have 11 personal members and the “$ deposit value” for 1 of them drops below $500, not only will you not receive any commission for that member, but also you will stop having access to the 11th level of affiliate commissions.


If your total team turnover is $ 200,000, you get a rank (C1) and additionally earn 5% at each level of the partners ’profit.

If you have 3 people with a rank (C1) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (C2) and additionally earn 10% of the partners ’profit at each level.

If you have 3 people in 3 different branches with a rank (C2), you get a rank (C3) and additionally earn 15% of the partners ’profit at each level.

If you have 3 people with a rank (C3) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (C4) and additionally earn 20% of the partners profit at each level

If you have 3 people with a rank (C4) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (C5) and get a share in the company’s turnover.


Yes, you read it right !
As a referrer to Cloud Token, you will receive the same 100% bonus your direct partners receive for their deposits in the Jarvis AI bot.

One of your direct partners would like to use the Jarvis AI-Bot offer. To do this, he transfers 0.5 BitCoin from the Wallet to the Jarvis AI bot and receives a daily bonus of, for example, 0.33% (10% per month).
The annual bonus payment to your partner is then approximately 0.5x365x0.0033 = 0.60225 BTC. At a bitcoin rate of $ 11,000, this equates to a payout of $ 6,625 a year.

The Referrer receives the same amount of daily payout as a partner bonus – until his or her partner changes or otherwise uses his bot deposit.

Why is it so easy to recommend CLOUD TOKEN?
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No package sale, no investment, no orders and no promises of the future.

Simplest compensation plan with highly lucrative bonuses and daily payout.

Download extended bonus plan (including leadership bonuses) – English

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