CLOUD TOKEN’s mobile app can be downloaded for free
from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.
The use of the Jarvis Al-Bot is an option offered by CLOUD
TOKEN to receive passive bonus payments.

Registration is completely anonymous (no name, phone number or email address required).

Download the CLOUD TOKEN app
The Cloud Token app is available in the Apple APP Store and the Google Play Store.

Registration at CLOUD TOKEN
To sign up for CLOUD TOKEN, the referral code is
required. Without a valid Referral-Code no registration is

Referral-Code : 5670223965

1.) Opening the CLOUD TOKEN APP

2.) Selection for creating an account (Create Account)

3.) Referral code : 5670223965

4.) Enter the referral code and go to the next step

Referral Code: 5670223965

5.) Login Password (Login PIN)

6.) Enter login password, confirm and go to the next step

7.) Transaction Password (Payment PIN)

8.) Enter the transaction password, confirm and go to the next step

9.) 12 “words” are displayed (mnemonic phrase). Write down these words in the order shown (keep the note carefully !!) and move on to the next step

10.) Confirmation Mnemonic phrase.

11.) Click on the 12 words in the same order as shown in point 9. Continue to the next step.

12.) The registration is completed. Account name (login ID) and passwords for login and transactions are displayed. Please note down this information and secure!
Click on “LOGIN” to log in to the APP.


Notes on registration:


The login password (login PIN) must consist of a mix of at least 8 letters and numbers (no special characters). It must contain at least a number, a capital letter and a lowercase letter.
The transaction password (Payment PIN) must consist of 6 numbers. The transaction password can not be part of the login password.
Record the account name (login ID) and passwords and keep them safely! 
Make a note of the 12 words (mnemonic phrase) and keep them safely! These 12 words are needed for a recovery of the account! 
Your own referral code for referrals can be found in the APP when you open the menu there.


You can now use the CLOUD TOKEN APP.
The login takes place with your account name (login ID) and your chosen login password (login PIN).
For transactions, you need the transaction password (Payment PIN) you have selected.
After the first login, please first perform the security settings (Google 2FA Authenticator)!


1.) Opening the CLOUD TOKEN APP

2.) Enter account name (login ID) and login password (login PIN). Click on LOGIN.

3.) You are successfully logged in.
The menu can be opened on the top left.


Download Step By Step Guide How To Get Started With Cloud Token Wallet App

Cloud Token Guide